Specialist Pipework Fabricators in Essex

PT Pipe Fabrications Limited are specialist pipe fabricators in Essex

We can provide pipework fabrication in most materials including fabricated stainless steel pipe, high grade stainless steel fabrication, titanium pipework fabrication, aluminium pipework fabrication and fabricated carbon steel pipework. Producing everything small flanged and welded sections of pipework to large fabricated skids and vessels.

PT Pipe Fabrications have several coded procedures which are all compliant with BS-EN-ISO-15614 part 1 and ASME IX.

Our welders are duel certified to both BS EN 287 & ASME IX standards for Class I and Class II for both TIG and MMA welding. Each section of pipework is stamped and logged on a welding register. All our pipework is fully traceable with full QA. We also provide NDT testing to the client’s specification including ultrasonic testing and full x-ray checks.
We provide fabricated pipework throughout the world for a number of clients in the process and manufacturing industries and also to the building services industry.

Our fabricated pipework can be found globally in pharmaceutical plants, food processing factories, brewery’s, concrete manufacturing plants, paper mills, power stations, water treatment and sewage works, and within plant and riser areas of all types of buildings.
Our fabricated pipework is suitable for a number of applications including the transportation of raw materials and finished products, gas, oil, steam and all types of water service metal pipework.

All our pipe and fittings are sourced from reputable suppliers within the UK