Safety is our first concern and we won’t put a price on it

  • Increased Safety
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Inspection Schedules
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Safe Transport

Health & Safety

Our approach to Health & Safety is proactive and one of adherence to Health and Safety Legislation, which is managed by our in house Health and Safety manager which is NEBOSH const. trained and accredited as a specialist member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (SIIRSM).

Our HSE manager ensures that the health and safety policies and procedures are clearly understood by all our workers, ensuring that they undertake their Health & Safety responsibilities at all levels, and operate with care and without risk to the Health and Safety of themselves and others.

“We have developed a comprehensive and robust Health and Safety system which is being continuously improved and modified on a regular basis”. PT Pipe Fabrications Director

  • Inspection schedules and record keeping systems
  • On the job training with industry accredited courses
  • Regular safety conversations and specific toolbox talks
  • A robust Health and Safety policy and other supporting policies which is cascaded to all employees, suppliers and any sub- contractors
  • PT Pipe Fabrications also operate an equal opportunities policy
All our welders and operatives hold a various range of qualifications including valid CSCS Cards and other specialist or specific training to ensure they are educated to carry out their Health, Safety and Environment responsibilities.

Quality procedure in our fabrication shop

Our procedure:

• All materials to be suitably handled to prevent damage and preserve their quality.

• Stainless Steel material will be handled with special care to avoid contamination with other materials, using non-metallic lifting and handling equipment.

• Materials are placed in the respective storage areas having passed incoming inspection.

• The Shop Manager will be responsible for regularly reviewing the condition of the materials.

• The Shop Manager will ensure that the material is handled, labelled and stored in accordance with the data sheets.

Our storage options:

1. Goods inwards
2. Tubing at Yard
3. Flange, Fittings and miscellaneous at Store
4. Material Cutting/Preparation Area
5. Goods Outwards
6. Consumables store

Care is taken to keep Stainless Steel and Low Carbon Steel segregated
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Find out the benefits of working with us

PT Pipe Fabrication is a leading fast & efficient pipework fabricator. With over 150 years in prefabrication and pipework, our passionate team of experts can handle any type of pipework projects and most importantly guarantee to meet any agreed deadline so you can deliver your project on time.

We provide pipework in various materials to fulfil various industries and projects. PT Pipe Fabrication only offer a high-quality service with the delivery of stainless steel pipe fabrication, carbon steel pipe fabrication and low temperature carbon steel pipe fabrication, skid and module fabrication, vessel fabrication, titanic pipe fabrication and any general fabrication.